Shipping GB

We don't have seperate prices for our products when purchesing from Great Britain. Prices are shown in our shop including 19% German VAT.  If you complete your shopping you will find the taxes deducted from your cart value.

We now use DHL Premium Service to Great Britain. Shipping costs are EUR 11,60 for each box and additionally 1,00 EUR/kg
(We can fit up to 18 bottles in one box, so if you order more then 18 bottel you will pay another EUR 11,60)

The freight costs are calculated on the fly in your final shopping cart before you proceed with your payment.
The Britsh Postal Service is taking care of the customs, duty and excise and will bill you those costs and also the British VAT.

Please be aware that you purchase might be supject to exessive taxing: (VAT, Duty, Excise and Handling)



Sparkling exceeding 5.5% but less than 8.5%    412    £288.10 per hectolitre
Sparkling 8.5% and above but not exceeding 15%    411    £381.15 per hectolitre
Still exceeding 5.5% but not exceeding 15%    413    £297.57 per hectolitre
Still or sparkling exceeding 15% but not exceeding 22%    415    £396.72 per hectolitre
Still or sparkling exceeding 22%    419    £28.74 per litre of alcohol in the wine

Wine Duty

Strength (ABV)    Rate per litre
Still    More than 1.2%, up to 4%    91.68 pence
Still    More than 4%, up to 5.5%    126.08 pence
Still    More than 5.5%, up to 15%    297.57 pence
Still    More than 15%, up to 22%    396.72 pence
Sparkling    More than 5.5% but less than 8.5%    288.10 pence
Sparkling    More than 8.5%, up to 15%    381.15 pence

Try to keep your order value bellow 135 Pounds, you will then be exempted from Import Duty and only pay Excise Duty

The british VAT (20%) will be a little more then the German one (19%) which you save.

We can't tell you which other fees may apply for custom and handling. We will be glad to post more details here, if you share them with us.

Thank you 

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